Mar 3, 2013

NoBullShitMarketing Week Tops


Video Commercials
For this week we have two Audi RS V4 avant Cars dueling each other in a "bloody" colorful war; End 7 teaches you how to shock a celebrity learn the lesson; a Oreo Freak for the cookie not the cream; a Taco Bell faith struggle; and a new colorful Sony ad.

Audi RS 4 Avant, 'Ultimate Paintball Duel'
Two old geezers fight a bloody duel for "something" using the latest Audi RS V4 Avant mounted with paintball cannons. 


Xperia Z, "Sound, vision, colour, detail"
Sony using the formula: we are always with you in the most important moments of your life, giving you vision, color  detail , and fun. 

END7, "How to Shock a Celebrity"
Watch the celebrity reaction to the shock given by a video showed by END 7.

Taco Bell, "Hola"
A guy having more resilience and faith than the Pope... for tacos.

OREO,  "Separator Machine" Creator: Physicist David Neevel
A man and his quest to build the ultimate Oreo separator machine.

Print or Outdoors Advertising
First let's start with the Game of Thrones Dragon Shadow; a dusty poster; an ending teaser; a theater play in 3D; and learn to tame your fears.

Game of Thrones, "Dragon Shadow 
Beware the Dragons are coming!

Ponteio Home Shopping "Dust"
Old and dusty Clothes gives wonderful sales.

Future Shorts: Future Shorts Teaser
It all begins with an end.

Procopio Ferreira Theatre: 3D Hamlet
Probably the best 3D technology in the world.

Nippo Batteries: Cat
Are you a wuss who still is afraid of the dark?! Don't worry anymore, with the Nippo Batteries you will tame your fear.

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