Oct 27, 2011

Commercial Jordan Brand: Explosive Water Projections

Classification: Creativity: 4,6;  Will to buy: 4;  Empathy for the Brand: 4,1

Total: 4,2

«He walks on water.

W+K and Carmelo Anthony launched the Jordan Melo M8 in an explosive way from Pier 54 in New York City last week. While rap star Nas performed for a crowd of 2,500 people, a three-storey-tall Melo projection appeared, that dribbled, dunked and walked -- all on the Hudson River. A Melo stunt-double also rappelled into the river from a helicopter -- and finally, Melo himself appeared on stage, encouraging participants to play games for a chance to win prizes.
Those not in attendance could also watch the spectacle live across multiple browser windows at a special site.» - (via creativityonline)

Wieden + Kennedy New York
Jordan Brand
Creative Director:
Andy Ferguson
Creative Director:
Brandon Mugar
Eric Steele
Art Director:
Azsa West
Senior Producer:
Dan Blaney
Digital Producer:
Brandon Kaplan
Executive Creative Director:
Ian Reichenthal
Executive Creative Director:
Scott Vitrone
Head of Content Production:
Gary Krieg
Production Company:
Klip Collective
Ricardo Rivera

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