Aug 11, 2013

Paperclips can be dangerous. Learn First Aid.

Classification: Creativity: 4,2;  Will to buy(alert): 4;  Empathy for the Brand: 4,1
Total: 4,1

Animation house Monkeystack, based in Adelaide, Australia, goes way over the top in "Paperclips Can Be Dangerous," a fiercely funny, gloriously gory two-minute PSA for the Australian Red Cross that poses the question: "What will it take for you to learn first aid?" (via adage)

Bill is one unlucky worker who finds himself with a paperclip stuck in his eye. Ouch!

Learn First Aid with Red Cross: Avoid a paperclip apocalypse! No one wants a fate like Bill's.
So, what will it take for you to learn First Aid?
Creative direction, script and animation by Monkeystack: