Oct 1, 2009

Todays news


Phishing fraud hits two year high
Rumours of the death of email scams wildly exaggerated by John Leyden

Six models for CSR Brand Integration

by Carol Holding and Lucille Pilling posted on Brandchannel

Instant coffe? Starbucks?
It's either brilliant marketing or a bomb by Larry Dignan posted on smartplanet


The Coke Zero : Happy Kingdom commercial.
I just love the new commercials by coca-cola.

Meet Diesel's Pete - The puppet of MEAT!
Is this communication benefits the brand? In mine opinion it is. First is coherent with the positioning – irreverence. Second it passes a message that worries most minds of diesel target, the meaning of life.

As can you see

Bring it to the Dell Amplichoir!


Seeking ROI? Kick-start Efforts With Pilot Projects

When Budgets Are Tight, Test on Small Scale and Roll Out Wide to Maximize Returns by Leslie Moeller and Edward Landry posted on AdAge

Ralph Lauren Looks to Innovate Beyond Mobile Comfort Zones

Five Questions With David Lauren on Why the Lux Fashion Marketer Is Investing in Technology -- and Others Aren't by Natalie Zmuda posted on AdAge

GoodGuide Puts Brands' Ethical Claims to the Test

Site Scrutinizes 75,000 Products to Expose Those Who Overhype by Jack Neff posted on AdAge

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