Oct 23, 2011

Chevrolet Celebrates Centennial

Classification: Creativity: 4;  Will to buy: 3,7;  Empathy for the Brand: 4,3
Total: 4



Not forgetting who you were, it's very important to a brand. A brand with history, tradition, is a stronger brand it shows that it has roots, past, which transmits confidence to the consumer. Sometimes when managers are pressured to show results, they try to change the brand, sometimes with terrible results to the brand, like Coca-Cola and the launch of New Coke, and GAP with their new logo


«Brands that are marking milestone anniversaries sometimes shy from playing them up because of a perception that younger consumers find little of interest in product heritage. That may be different now, however, because since the financial crisis there is more of an interest among so-called millennial consumers in brands with histories and track records, particularly those with American roots.»

«The history of Chevrolet “resonates” with younger consumers, Mr. Perry said, in that the brand has “played an integral part in American culture and is woven into the fabric of America.”» - NewYorkTimes











Congratulations Chevy for your 100 years!

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