Oct 14, 2011

Fast Food Ads More Powerful Than Parental Influence

Fast Food Ads Trump Parental Influence, But There’s Still Hope: Study - INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIME article

"Half of the children watched commercials for French fries while the other half watched commercials for apple slices in dipping sauce.
The kids were then given the choice between two coupons, one for the fries, one for the apple slices. Their parents either encouraged them to go for the healthier option or stayed neutral and let their kids decide.
Seventy-one percent of the kids who watched the commercial for French fries chose the coupon for that food when their parents remained neutral. When their parents encouraged them to go for the healthier apple option, that number went down to 55 percent.
The results for the kids who watched the commercials for apple slices were just as grim. 
Forty-six percent of the children who watched the commercial for apple slices picked the coupon for French fries while their parents stayed neutral. When parents encouraged them to be healthy and go for the apple slices, the number went down to 33 percent.
Results surprised researchers."

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