Oct 16, 2011

Pirelli Let's Dance Attack - Oh no, another flashmob!!! -

Classification: Creativity: 3;  Will to buy: 3; Empathy for the Brand: 3
Total: 3



I'm getting pretty annoyed with the lack or creativity and objectivity in the flash mobs. Although no longer a novelty, flash mob is a interesting way to involve and communicate a brand in real time. It is also important as the first step to start a Word-of-mouth and viral campaign. 

I didn't saw this flash mob live, but it seems to me that it lacks brand presence. Nowadays it's better to be not to obvious and put your brand name everywhere in a event, but it is also noxious the lack of it, the secret is in  finding the perfect balance between them.

With the lack of brand presence the people will spread the word about an event they saw without associating to a brand., the same applies to the viral effect. 

You can prove it by reading the youtube video comments: 


"The Stig dancing cousins"  - Who? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifrtlC4NTys 

"beauty" - A fan!

 "pzero shoes..avalable on pzeroweb.com." - This is helpful.

"Pirelli!" - Ok.

"Someone knows the brand of their sports shoe please ?" - Ah, its a campaign about their shoes.

"Stick to making tyres and calendars, plox." - BIC also tried to do perfumes!


"nice...... stig's colony...... lol..." - Stig Again  (I don't watch TopGear)

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