Oct 21, 2011

Take This Lollipop - Facebook get's scarry

Classification: Creativity: 4,2;  Will to buy(try): 4,1; Empathy for the Brand: 4
Total: 4,1

Take This Lollipop” asks for access to your Facebook account in order to give you a customized video featuring a crazy-eyed, dirty-fingered man going through your Facebook profile, photos, and location information in order to hunt you down.

This campaign is beautiful in terms of user/consumer psychology, nowadays almost everyone uses Facebook or at least uses a Social Network, and one of the user main concerns is about their privacy. 
That's a big BULL, people are not that concerned about their privacy, if they were they will not put photos, videos, etc... about their life, the truth is that Facebook feeds your "star" ego. "Take This Lollipop" is about forgetting, is a forget about your privacy concerns because stalkers can be funny.

Please don't worry that much about your privacy, you have the sufficient tools to block some contents and people from you Facebook profile. If you are concerned about a picture a friend of yours took, when you were completely wasted in a party, the thing you've to do is think twice before taking pictures wasted (like a star). 

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