Oct 17, 2011

Worst Commercial in USA - The Consumerist

Today The Consumerist announced the voter results for the worst commercial aired on American TV. About 115,000 voters participated.

And the winners are: 

The Winner - Luvs Diapers' "Poop, There It Is!"

Most Grating Performance By a Human - At&t 4G Flash Mob 

Group That Ought To Go Its Separate Ways - Esurance - Online Dating

Trend That Needs To Stop Being A TrendKlondike 5 Seconds to Glory: "Good Listener"

Most Irritating Animated Actor - Car Fax Car Fox

Worst abuse of an existing song - Swiifers: "What About Love"

Original Jingle That Should Be Junked - Arby's "Good Mood Food" 

Celebrity Who Could Probably Use A New Manager - Hulk Hogan&Troy Aikman for Rent a Center

BULL commercials...

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