Nov 24, 2011

BGH Microwaves: Musical Microwaves

Are you sick and tired of hearing beeps everywhere, giving you orders. Time to wake-up; 2 secs to enter in the subway, time to eat, etc. 
Now with the BGH Microwaves you can get rid of the beeping noise, and listen to your favorite musics during your meals. The BGH produced a limited edition of microwave oven with a USB port, which permits to transfer your favorite musics to the microwave.

If this thing becomes a trend, I foresee a portable mp3 microwave player.


Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
BGH Microwaves
Executive Creative Director:
Maxi Itzkoff
Executive Creative Director:
Mariano Serkin
Creative Director:
Diego Medvedocky
Creative Director:
Ignacio Ferioli
Creative Team:
Guilherme Souza
Creative Team:
Breno Costa
Agency SISOMO Producer:
Camilo Rojas

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