Nov 9, 2011

Pause - The Heist

Classification: Creativity: 4,7;  Will to buy (try): 4,3;  Empathy for the Brand: 4,4

Total: 4,5

«When Peter gets fired from Pause Home Entertainment, his urge for revenge grows out of control. He decides to get back at his former boss by robbing the store. But since he doesn't want to get tied to the crime, he hijacks Pause website and puts up every detail about Pause's security system -- hoping you go through with the heist. Ready for a true cinematic experience?»

Pause Home Entertainment wants to be "robbed" by you. 
In order to promote their home cinema solutions, they launched "The Heist" campaign, where you can be part of a movie and win electronic goods as prizes.
On November 10Th the store site,, will provide clues so as you can help a previous employee thirsty for revenge, by deactivating the motion detector and cracking the shutdown code to the laser system from 


Akestam Holst
Creative Director:
Andreas Ullenius
Joakim Labraaten
Art Director:
Petra Albrektson
Digital Producer:
Johan Eklund
Nisse Axman
Graphic Designer:
Oscar Gardo
Motion Designer:
Oskar Tornros
Web Production:
From Stockholm With Love
Technical Advisor:
Johan Albrektson
Art Director Assistant:
Kim Ihre

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