Dec 8, 2011

Take the Ultimate Plunge

Classification: Creativity: 4;  Will to buy(offer): 3,6;  Empathy for the Brand: 4
Total: 3,9

To launch their new Ultimate Plunge bra, Wonderbra projected a picture of their newest model, Adriana Cernanova, onto the side of Battersea Power Station in London.
They then invited women to bungy jump down in front of the model's cleavage.
Victoria Joint, Heidi Speed and Kate Hassen won an online competition to be three of the first to take the plunge off the top of a crane placed infront of the image.
According to designers, the bra’s structure boosts cleavage, while the clear strip in the centre makes it subtle and lets women don risque outfits with confidence. - (via dailymail)

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