Jan 16, 2013

WWF - National Sweater Day

Classification: Creativity: 4,4;  Call to action: 4,1;  Empathy for the Brand: 4,3 Total: 4,3

WWF Canada is reminding people to lower heat against climate change, by creating a 'call center' of grannies to urge everyone to wear a sweater. At sweaterday.com, visitors can sign up to get a call, text or email from a real granny of their choice, reminding them to wrap up warm, for WWF National Sweater Day on Feb 7th. While a similar campaign has run before, this year, there's a personalized social media element; people can nominate their own grandmas, with a radio ad inviting grannies to call and audition. The best granny auditions will be posted on WWF Canada's Facebook page and invited to join the call center team for National Sweater Day. (via creativity online)

John St.
WWF Canada

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