Oct 20, 2009

Jameson: Legend The Director's Cut

Creativity - 4; Will to buy (drink) - 5; Empathy for the Brand - 5
Ok I’m a Jameson drinker, because it’s one of the best whiskies, Famous Grouse is not bad either, with less than 12 years old, J&B, Grants and even William Lawson’s all become awful, or they screw up the formula in order to keep up with the increase of sales or my brain just told me not to like them because I don’t fancy popular whiskies brands except William Lawson’s I liked their commercials. So by now Jameson beats Famous Grouse, because they have a good whisky and their commercials are traditional, spirited they transmits you a feeling of proyd to be drinking an Irish whiskey who has an legendary hero.

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