Oct 18, 2011

Campaign LEGO meets your Iphone

Classification: Creativity: 4; Will to buy(try):4,2 ; Empathy for the Brand: 4,2

A nice move by Lego reading the life style of their old consumers,  they are "too old" to play with lego, but when they have a gadget in the hand they become children again. Lego with this campaign also gives a more reason to the old consumer generation buy the new Lego toys to their sons, rejuvenating the brand consumers. 
They do that by launching a social media site, engaging the consumer in a father&son activity, showing to everyone their lego constructions.
In short this a nice move to the brand, they show new innovations and the capability to still be a part of the old&new generation daily life. 

My son is better in lego than yours!

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