Oct 17, 2011

"My Blackberry Is Not Working!"

 "A series of failures in Research In Motion's private network has disrupted BlackBerry service to millions of customers across four continents." - Reuters

" (...) The outages are just another headache for RIM, which is losing ground in the corporate email market it once took for granted as employees increasingly push to use their personal devices, typically Apple's iPhones and iPads, and to a lesser extent devices using Google's Android software, in the workplace. (...)"

" (...)It is also facing calls from some investors for a break-up, sale or change of management following recent dismal results and a lackluster reception of its PlayBook tablet computer, designed to challenge Apple's iPad. (...)"

Blackberry is a step to becoming a B2B BULL brand!

Branding is the soul of a product and Marketing the body, a weak body produces lost souls.
Will Blackberry be a addiction to the immense brand graveyard?! - Gotta be quick to react.

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