Oct 20, 2011

Pay Pal - Two Images

Pay Pal like all brands has two images, the image that brand marketeers what the brand to have and the brand image perceveid by the consumers. It's part of the brand marketers job to diminish the gap between the two.

Pay Pal has launched a new mobile payment platform, and to show the platform they are opening a pop-up store in New York's to show it..

This is a nice brand image move by Pay Pal, it adds the innovation characteristic to the Pay Pal brand DNA, and it also transmits you that is the right product to use and it will facilitate your life. In my opinion this is real close to the brand image desired by Pay Pal.

But after watching the commercial in you tube there was a video who caught my attention.

Yeah you guessed, the you tube video was: "Why I hate Pay Pal".

After I watched the video, I googled for Pay Pal and in found this link in the firs page of results. 

After all this, I'm not so secure about using the new Pay Pal mobile platform, it seems that they I have some complaints about the service. This is the brand image some that I and much consumers have about Pay Pal. A big difference between the brand image pretended by the brand marketer.

When you have service that is about dealing consumers money, the most important characteristic that a brand should have impregnated in his brand DNA is security.  

My advice do Pay Pal is to improve his product in terms of safety, and launch a humorous campaign about their previous problems. The guy who did video "Why I hate Pay Pal" could be the face of the new campaign, but not to forced or will it seems that the guy is a sell-out.

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