Oct 23, 2011

Perfect Fools Take Me I’m Yours – the Facebook app

Classification: Creativity: 4;  Will to buy(send): 2,6;  Empathy for the Brand (Facebook): 3

Total: 3,2





This campaign interprets nowadays people habits and insights right well:


We find comfort in the past, we all pass a paper in school, asking someone if they like us.   


Everyone in western culture uses Facebook at least, and most of them spend sometime watching the photos of someone they secretly like.

The increasing use of social networks have changed your habits, people are spending  more time socializing virtually and less in real life.







But I don't know, this thing "Perfect Fools", has a strange smell.

«So, if you’re the kind of person who stares at photos of your crush on Facebook, sighs loudly, realizes everyone in your immediate vicinity is attempting to ignore you, sighs even louder so someone is forced to ask you what’s wrong, and responds by staring wistfully out the window and saying, “Nothing. You wouldn’t understand,” then this might be the app for you.» - (via Social Media - AgencySpy)





OMG this is BULL! (unless you're suffering from a broken heart, but though up you're not a kid anymore) 

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