Oct 27, 2011

Plaster Cast Men Comparis.ch - Quality and Price don't match

Classification: Creativity: 4;  Will to buy (change): 3;  Empathy for the Brand: 4,1



One of the first things I learned in mine post-graduation classes was that you can't mix quality and price in the same cauldron, it's like a cooker who tries to mix sugar and salt in a plate in order to cook the perfect meal which everyone will love it. 



After watching the add I positioned the Comparis as a brand who doesn't make anything special than the others just is more cheaper. 

It's possible that the strategy will work at a short term, gaining some consumers from the competitors, but at a long term they have to do something different, disruptive, because lowing prices is a easy strategy to imitate. And in the consumers mind when you're lowing prices, you're cutting some services, lowing your quality service, which will make the consumer having second thoughts, price doesn't matter when we are talking about health.  





Agency: Walker Zurich
Chief Creative Officer: Christian Schmelter
Client: Comparis
Head of Marketing: Michael Sorg
Creative Director: Pius Walker
Art Director: Golf Nuntawat
Copywriter: Roger Beckett
Designer: Philipp Dombierer
Production Company: Knucklehead
Director: Ben Gregor
Producer: Jane Tredget
Director of Photography: Douglas Koch
Editor: Mark Burnett
Telecine: Paul Harrison
Post Production: Finish



  1. comparis.ch is a company which builds applications for comsumers to be able to find e.g. the health insurance with the best rate. in switzerland every health insurance (basic insurance) has to provide the same service as this is a law. so the ad makes a lot of sense.

  2. One of the objectives of this post is to explain that Quality and Price cannot be mixed in the same communication.
    Other objective is to express my opinion in the cutting prices strategy; it's easy to imitate by the competition...
    About the ad, I liked the ad, it's funny and explain quite well what is coherent with the chosen strategy.

    Thanks for the comment.

    p.s it's nice to know that Comparis worries about his brand.