Nov 17, 2011

Bussiness Mouse, doing bussiness old-school style

Welcome to Impulse Investments, I'm Dave Business Mouse!'. Fresh from the makers of Modern Toss comes a new cartoon idiot in the form of a little mouse built for big business. Watch as he blunders his way through deal after deal at rapid pace. Expect hilarious, hurricane velocity, stylish animation from this inspiring but reckless mouse entrepreneur and his portfolio of business associates.

In the first über-sweary episode, Business of Leisure, BM encounters a budding entrepreneur with a keen nose for an idea.

Written & Directed by: Jon Link, Mick Bunnage
Producer: Jane Harrison
Voices: Julie Burchill, Emma Fryer, Mark Kempner, Lawry Lewin

Character Design & Backgrounds: Jon Link

Additional Artwork: Steve Campion, Charlie Evans

Animation: Le Singe Media

Supervising Animator: Tom Matuszewski

Animators: Robin Brindle, Jack Bonnington, Scott Weston

Editors: Rob Hill, Tom Matuszewski

Dubbing Mixer: Simon Couzens
Business Affairs: David Cuff


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