Feb 2, 2012

“A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation”

Earlier this month Jeremiah Owyang and his team at Altimeter Group published a report called “A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation” – The SlideShare version is below.

Like a disease, social media proliferation will leave companies crippled unless they develop a strategy to manage now. Some companies have opened a virtual Pandora’sbox: We found that global corporations are struggling to manage an average of 178 business related social media accounts— a number likely to grow if unchecked. Beyond coordination challenges, unchecked accounts and disparate customer interactions expose brands to a host of legal, compliance, and fragmented brand-perception risks.

Internally, few companies are prepared with proper roles, education, or clearly defined goals. Externally, brands are confused by dozens of vendor options. Employees and business units are adopting commodity technology haphazardly, resulting in inconsistent customer experiences and measurement. As a result, companies have begun to harness Social Media Management Systems to manage the multitude of customer touch points in social, while leveraging services that range from education, integration, community moderation, and beyond.

Companies must follow these pragmatic steps:  
1) First prepare the company internally, and conduct audits to verify readiness.
2) Determine which of the five social media management use cases, defined in this report, the company aligns to.
3) Select vendors based on business needs, not marketing.
4) Tap into services, support teams, and outsourced community management services.
 5) Roll out internally in a systematic way that starts with education, training, mock work flows, and thorough testing

A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation
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