Feb 25, 2013

Marketing Week Tops


Video Commercials
This week we have a Chewing Gum artist, a silent commercial, a mustard revenge, boobs reuniting again, and a tumbling ad.

Touch Lebanon, "Rendez-vous"
Silent love signals are safer when you can text sms, specially if you are living in the 20's again.

Schweppes, "Tumble"
Wear a helmet before drinking Schweppes, cause Schweppervescence feels a bit like this. 

Sunshine Sakae, "Chewing Gum Artist"

He chews he transforms and he spits Chewing Gum Statues, and he does it without using any saliva (at least is what seems).  

Grey Poupon "The Lost Footage"

A fight for mustard. 
Two 70's British rich guys thinking they are James Bond, fight for the last drop of mustard with the fury of a drug addicted, but with a lots of money and toys.

 Valege Lingerie: Finally Together, TV Show
Does your nipples touch your belly button, don't worry anymore cause with Valege Lingerie your boobs will reunite again, and with a bit of luck maybe you can pick up a rich guy which later will  pay you a boobs operation


Print or Outdoors Advertising

Music is again featured in this week picks by a rock'roll family and a music fingerprint, among them we have the first tastable print ad, a tsunami of guns and at last a Vegas ad.

Mundo Livre FM: Family "Good music. You know where it comes from"

A happy and fucked up family as a real family is. 

 Kian Luthier - Fingerprint, "A Sound of your own"
Leave your fingerprint in music and life even if sucks, the music and what the hell life too. 

Fanta World's First Tastable Print Ad
Try new experiences and get "high" with the new Fanta flavour.

Amnesty International: Tsunami
I once read something like "bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity", yeah it maybe not work it but let's try it anyway. Right?! 

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
What happens in Vegas stays in a Chart.

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