Feb 23, 2013

Picks of The Day

 Valege Lingerie: Finally Together, TV Show

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
International Executive Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Okada
Creative Director: Rafa Santamarina
Art Directors: Bastien GrisoletMarjorie Vardo
Creatives: Yohana CamargoAlicia SanchezMaria Caeiro
Production Company: Wanda
Productions Director: J.A.C.K
Executive Produder: Claude Fayolle
Animation Studio: AKAMA
TV Producer: Armelle Sudron/Wam
Sound: Boris Nicou/Wam
Art Buyers: Jean-Luc Chirio, Lauriane Dul

 Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Vegas means business. Find out why so many companies choose to hold events in Las Vegas at VegasMeansBusiness.com

Advertising Agency: R&R Partners, Las Vegas, USA
Executive Creative Director: Arnie DiGeorge
Creative Director: Doug Finelli
Associate Creative Director: Mark Naparstek
Senior Copywriter: Deniz Yemen
Art Producers: Ashley ThompsonAlexandra Kopp
US Agent: Marie Anne Aizac, Velvet Artists
Photography / Postproduction: Garrigosa Studio

Article of the Day

Turn Your Toughest Customer Into Your Biggest Fan from INC

Watch out! Here comes Gladys. Or maybe it's Tim, Nelly, or Nigel. Whatever the name, this client is cranky and snappish, making even the most skilled professionals run for cover. Is it possible to convert this cantankerous customer into a fan?
Success coach and international speaker Marilyn Suttle offers a resounding yes.
In her best-selling book, Who's Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer Into Your Biggest Fan, Suttle recognizes that most any business has their Gladys, and it can be a huge challenge, but there is hope. "When you practice emotion management and grow your creative problem-solving abilities, magic happens," says Suttle.
Here are Suttle's seven tips to turn tough customers into devoted fans who spread good news about your company. To learn more about creating world-class customer service, tune in to my interview with Suttle on Million Dollar Mindset radio

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