Feb 19, 2013

Picking Cracking Marketing Campaigns

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Touch Lebanon: Rendez-vous

Classification: Creativity: 4,6;  Call to action: 4,1;  Empathy for the Brand: 4,5 Total: 4,4

Movies were silent up until the late 1920s, when The Jazz Singer was released in 1927. Today, silent movies like The Artist still make their appearance but have become quite rare. We've decided to add our very own touch to the silent film era with our all new Text&Talk TVCs!

Advertising Agency: JWT-Beirut, Lebanon

Print Of The Day 

 Mundo Livre FM: Family
Good music. You know where it comes from

Advertising Agency: CCZ Publicidade, Brazil
Creative Directors: Claudio FreireGiancarlo Zilli
Copywriter: Andre Goeldner
Image: Fuze Image

Infographic of the Day

The New Face of  SEO

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