Feb 16, 2013

Marketing campaigns and articles of the week


As you may have already noticed they have been some changes in the blog format. Today is the first post where it will be made a week's summary of the best advertisements campaigns and general marketing articles. These choices aren't based on a rigorous scientific criterion, the criteria is the campaign humor, shock, creativity, and utility when choosing an article. 

Let's start first with the advertising campaigns chosen: an arcade beer game, a really sweating  stress test,  a distracted masked traveler,  and an alternate universe.  

Beercade, "The Last Fighter"

The Big Boss campaign by McKinney, they built a arcade game where the prize is a Beer, 
Beercade is the first ever beer-dispensing arcade game that takes the snore factor out of beer sampling.

Nivea Deo, "Stresstest" 

Nope it's not a cheerful flashmob but a "shockmob".  Nivea puts people through a fearing stress test while waiting they wait for their flight. 

Volkswagen, "Mask"

 Suddenly a masked guy enters in a convenience store, is he gonna rob the store, shot by the owner, only passing by, or about to discover his true love? 

 Dell, "Meet Thomas: Creator of an Alternate Universe"

Meet Thomas M. Wilks. A imaginative district manager who have dreams while tripping in a train, which makes wonders to his writing.

Secondly the Print or outdoors best campaigns: A Toyota muddy band, You Nap, You Lose, and the Chidren Heart disease outdoor awareness campaign

Toyota Tundra AWD, "Music"

Mud, Toyota speakers and rock'n roll.

Itau Cafe, "Nap"

Never feel asleep again during important moments with Itau Cafe.

HeartKids, "Open heart"

Heart Kids interact with the streets to make people aware of the heart problems in new born children. 

To finish, the chosen articles:

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