Feb 20, 2013

Picking Marketing Campaigns

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Friday          Picks

Sunshine Sakae, "Chewing Gum Artist"

A chew store of love and chewing gum sculptures.

ADK Tokyo 
Sunshine Sakae 
Creative Director:
Kazuya Nakajima 
Kazuya Nakajima 
Art Director:
Kazuya Nakajima 
Art Director:
Wataru Sato 
Yoshinobu Yoshida 
Koshiro Ueno 
Production Designer:
Machi Tsuge 
Music Composer:
Toshiki Tan 
Yoshitaka Honda 
Takahiro Uchida 
Sound Designer:
Toshihiro Hara 
Post Production Company:

Fanta World's First Tastable Print Ad

Hmm, I wonder if the new fanta taste is psychedelic. 

Advertising Agency: OgilvyOne Middle East, Dubai, UAE
Creative Directors: Fabian RoserSally Tambourgi
Art Director: Rodrigo Mavu
Copywriter: Louise Bolo
Illustrator: Nadine Hallak
Creative Technologist: Niv Baniahmad
Regional Director: Nabil Moutran
Account Directors: Sevim OezdelTarek Shawki
Account manager: Tara Page-Gelman
Client Service Director: Sean Hart
Media Manager: Omar Katerji

Article of the Day:
How To Turbo-Charge Your Twitter Efforts Using SEO Tactics By Allison Stadd

It’s growing increasingly obvious to community managers, digital marketers, SEO pros and PR professionals that 
aligning SEO and social media efforts is essential in maximizing brand exposure.
On the one hand, you need SEO tactics in order to index your content on search engines. On the other, social media’s prolific promotion of that content makes it a focal tool in online marketing efforts.
Solution? Fuse SEO and social media efforts and strategies for the ultimate in traffic and conversion gains.
We’ll walk you through the basics (...) click on the title to read the full article.

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