Sep 7, 2015

Useful SEO tips

Hello marketeers, are you avid for knowledge today? 

Because today I would like to share some Hubspot content. Yeah I know not the most original idea, but Hubspot does an amazing job sharing really useful SEO, internet marketing, tools, courses, you can even get certified. 

One of the courses that HubSpot offers for free is the SEO Crash Course, divided in three parts. First you will have an introductory part where you learn how to improve on-page SEO. After the introductions been made, you are ready to the intermediate part , in this part you learn how social media impacts SEO. And at last the third part, the more advanced part where you deep dive into googles algorithm changes.

Enough talk and let's get some action, watch the first video with Rebecca Churt, HubSpot's SEO Manager, and Rebecca Babicz, the Public Relations Coordinator at

Ready?! Let's go to lesson number two learn how social media impacts SEO form Rebecca Churt, the HubSpot's SEO Manager, and Darin "Doc" Berntson, the Social Media Manager at 

Now for the final lesson presented by Rebecca Churt, HubSpot's SEO Manager, and Preston Van Dyke, the Director of SEO at

I hope you found this lessons useful, if you have any suggestions, tips, please feel free share your opinion. 

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