Oct 15, 2011

Commercial Stella Artois 9 step

Classification: Creativity: 4;  Will to buy (drink): 4; Empathy for the Brand: 4,4
Total:  4,1



One of the steps to built a strong brand is to create rituals around the brand/product. In mine opinion Stella Artois with this new brand communication does that job quite well. 

When a new communication is released is important the brand managers to be aware of the Word-of-mouth generated around it. For example you can get some pointers by reading the user comments on youtube:


"YOU, with the big nose!"  - The brand has sense of humour (Great).


this is crazy awesome but why only 360p stella? - Yeah, why (Bad, premium beers should have premium videos)  


Great, great advert. Too bad it tastes like Coors Light.- Better work a little better in the formula, to differentiate among others, especially when it's compared with Coors light.


She is incredibly sexy... - The male target is happy!


Step 10 : Get a big belly - At least it's different from those retarded ads with the moron surrounded by top models drinking cheap beer from a can...  - The male target is happy and not the retarded ones, the ones that drink Coors light.


I didn't think it was possible to love Stella Atrois more than I already did, but it is. - Mission accomplished. 


What's the name of the jazz bit on the beginning of the video? - The Stella Artois consumers like jazz, a lifestyle hit. 


Ah, don't forget to engage the consumer in your ritual.

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