Oct 25, 2011

New Volkswagen Beetle: Juiced Up Interactive outdoor campaign

Classification: Creativity: 4;  Will to buy: 3,7;  Empathy for the Brand: 4

Total: 3,9

The new Volkswagen Beetle has grown a par, the previous Beetle model was too effeminate to be a big hit like is predecessor.   

 I don't know what kind of consumers Beetle wants to attract with this new model, maybe girls with a taste for fast cars. If the purpose of Volkswagen is to compete with the new Mini and Fiat 600, a more masculine target , Volkswagen takes the risk in cannibalizing the consumers from the Golf brand. One thing is certain with this new model the brand will most likely lost the women target. 

Volkswagen Beetle 2011 Super Bowl XLV television commercial

OK, this new Beetle is more powerful and masculine, but that's not enough to be an icon like the original one. The original one was the people's car, simple, cheap, easy to maintain, a economic car, an angle unexplored by this new expensive and exquisite Beetle. Strange because we are now facing a crisis and cheap car with a great tradition behind will certainly be a huge hit, you know like his predecessor. 

But truth said this new Beetle has a beautiful design, and this new campaign is worthy of the Volkswagen previous wonderful and effective campaigns. Let's wait and see, if the new design with the excellent campaigns, are capable of bringing back the Beetle fever.  

Advertising Agency: Red Urban, Canada
Creative Director: Christina Yu
Writers: Matt Syberg-OlsenJon Taylor
Art Directors: Damian SimevLiam Johnstone
Producers: Andrea HullSam Benson
Account Director: Nicole Milette
Tech Consultant: Joe Dee
Production: Pixel Pusher
Animation / Design: Bully! Entertainment
Video Director / Editor: Tyler Williams

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